Communion Server Signup

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Thank you for volunteering to help serve communion on Sunday mornings. 

First, a few logistics on how to get on the communion schedule. Then, we'll go over what to say when serving communion and where to be.

Getting on the Schedule

Complete the below form indicating the Sundays you are available to serve. If there are already three (3) individuals serving on a Sunday then that date is full. Please find a different Sunday you are available. You can reference the communion calendar for a list of available dates to help, here

After submitting this form, you'll be given access to the 'communion calendar' which will give you the ability to assign your name to a particular Sunday on the Google calendar. Please write your first and last name on the calendar.

Serving communion
First, it is a joy to serve communion! We want all Christians at Grace Pasadena to be part of this feast we get to partake in. But by serving communion there isn't anything special about your status. You are simply there to declare what the elements of communion are and rejoice with those partaking of the elements. 

After Brannin (or Marc) has completed the words of institution, he will ask for the worship team to come up to be served before anyone else. This is you! You are the worship team! Worship doesn't just mean music, it is a posture before the LORD. 

After you receive the elements, Brannin (or Marc) will hand you either the bread or the cup, and place you on a particular side of the Senior Center. As your church family comes up to receive the elements, tell them what they are receiving. If you have the bread say something like, "This is the bread of life" or "This is the body of Christ". If you have the cup, say "This is the cup of salvation" or "This is the blood of Christ". 

It's helpful to remain standing with the elements even after most of our family has received the elements. There are still children's ministry volunteers who will rush in later than everyone else. If you can stay standing until just before the Benediction it will be appreciated. But if you know everyone has been served, or Brannin gestures for you to sit, then you can place the elements back on the table and find your seat. 

Thank you!



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